Austria parcel-shipment for webshop-operators in Germany and European Union with recipients-customer in Austria

Your Problem:


* Shiping charges to high for each export-parcel from DE to AT 

    EURO 6,-- or even more!

* Additional costs for sending pack parcels from AT to DE

 * No regional service-offices for Austrian recipient-customers.



Result: Austria customers will be discouraged because of disproportonal shiping-costs and will cancel orders last minute or will order at another provider with cheaper shiping-cost or in local shops


Our Solution:


Developed by LUPS and since years proven shiping-system


*Optional and if needed also as comfortable IT-platform or



Basics for your descision:

You descide based on your numbers of AT-parcels how often you want to send parcels (daily or because of costs only 1 - 3 times a week)

The process:

order labels at LUPS - recommended quantity: your monthly amount of  AT-parcels


place a label on each single parcel

pack the labeled and addresses parcels into an outer-box (used one also okay) and send these outer-boxes with a parcel-service of your choice to LUPS to Austria /Vienna (you have to pay the costs)


LUPS-Services -  included in the parcel-price

Handover of the AT-single-parcels on the day of arrival to our partner GLS - in AT the best parcel-service with best price-performance-rate, he is "test-winner 2015"!



    AT-wide delivery on the next working-day
    insured shipminet up to 550,-€ per parcel



Internet-parcel-tracking can be done after hand-over to GLS has taken place


LUPS keeps you updated

* if there is a problem in delivery or if address is inadequate

* if parcels will be deposit in one of the round approximately 600


                                      * if send-back-parcels arriving


                                      LUPS comunicates - if needed

                                      *  by phone with your AT-customer to agree on a    



LUPS will store

all arriving send-back-parcels and once a month they will send them back automatically in accumulative boxes and at optimal costs


Our prices:

each parcel AT to AT up to 5 kg 3,xx Euro - depending on monthly numbers of parcels


Your cost-benefit:

already starting from 5 single-parcels per outer-box DE to AT