AT-Depot of Returns for webshop provider in Germany and EU and for recipients in Austria

Your Problem:

* Additional costs for each return-parcel from AT to DE

   depending on the shipping rate you have agreed with your DE-parel-service, which is taking

    care of the shippment of each parcel from DE to AT.

* Rate of returns up to 60%

* No AT-service-adress for return parcels of your Austrian Customer.

Our Solution:

"LUPS-Depot of returns"

 Adress for returns in AT-1230 Wien for your Austrian customers

 * We will take over the returns of your Austrian customers which are delivered

   by all Austrian parcel-Services



* Daily take-over of return-parcels (weekdays Mo-Fr)    optional / or if you wish:  

    Advance of the 10,-

* Check / Identication of AT-sender of return parcels to the DE-webshop-


* Registration of datas of the return parcel ref. to agreement (for example:

                                    Sending-parcel-number, order-number, name of sender and zip-code, etc.)

* Same day feedback to the DE-webshop-provider via e-mail of all return parcels which arrived at


* Collecting of all arrived return-parcels

* Return-shipping of all return-parcels at once to the DE-webshop-provider ref. to agreement

  (weekly, daily)

* Optional / or if you wish: second delivery to your AT-customer


Our rates:

Starting 0,xx Euro per parcel- depending on your defined service-features

Prices for returning of collecting-parcels from AT to DE: see actual UPS-Offer